You Call it Desert

You Call it Desert – We used to live there.

This really is an incredible book.

Legendary Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike, who has been exhibited around the world, was a member of one of the last groups to leave the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia and settle on the cattle stations of the Kimberley in the 1950’s.

Pat Lowe, an English psychologist who met Jimmy in Fremantle prison, ended up living in the bush with Jimmy and becoming his wife.

While spending time in the country that had been home to the Walmajarri people for thousands of years, Pike’s stories are told through his illustrations and Lowe’s writing.

With Jimmy as her teacher, Pat shares the day to day lives of the desert dwellers which tells of their resourcefulness and ingenuity. Covering shelter, cooking, tracking, desert medicine, how to find water and make tools; even births and deaths in the bush – this really is a special insight into those who knew the desert like no one will ever know it again.

Written by Pat Lowe
Illustrations by Jimmy Pike
Published by Magabala Books 2010

168 pages

21 cm wide
27 cm high

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