Wild Food

By Juleigh Robins

Hhmm this book even feels good.

With over 100 recipes based on native ingredients sourced from the deserts, forests and bushland of Australia, this is a real discovery into what our backyard has to offer.

There are some really lush meals. Fig, fetta and pomegranate salad with wild rosella and pepperberry syrup anyone?

Using indigenous foods like wild rosella jam, bush tomatoes, Kakadu plums, bush limes and lemon myrtle, Juleigh gives the background to where these fruits and vegetables can be found and their nutritional value and culinary use.

What I really enjoyed reading was her journey with her partner Ian to discovering native foods… ‘Indigenous Australians have been nourished by the flora and fauna of this land for thousands of years. These ingredients are the ‘slow foods’ of Australia, each with local tradition and culture embedded in their use. When we became aware of the cornucopia that is Australian indigenous food, we felt really quite humbled by our lack of knowledge.”

Hard cover
215 pages

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