Consumer Republic

By Bruce Philp.

If you are a consumer you are a citizen of the world.


Philp argues that the political nature of the market place means that every decision to buy is a vote with your wallet and that brands are in fact candidates – products are running for election every time you go shopping.


In order to remake the market place in a principled way ie, to give it a conscience, we need to find connection to the provenance of the products that we buy.  Once we realise that we play an integral role, we can see the power that branded consumerism gives us – self expression through the way we choose to spend our money allows us to set the standard for consumer behaviour and corporate accountability.


This is a really enjoyable and convincing read.  Philp is certainly well versed in the arguments at play around marketing, consumerism and brand awareness having spent decades working in advertising. His challenge to consumers to make corporations accountable and assert their power is motivational to say the least.

Paperback 2011

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